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Juani Bengali is the creative alter ego of Ana Garcia Lopez.

Her work is characterised by bright colours and playful shapes.

Let's work together and make a difference. 

Feel free to contact me via email

or send me a DM in insta

Selected clients & collaborations 

Mondo Lirondo Bar & Restaurant, Artwork Contemporary art guide, DG Visual Solutions, Asociación la vida color frambuesa 

Recognitions & Publications.

X International Competition of Sweet Illustration I Finalist 

Trenza de Almudévar I December 2022

Exhibition of London Underground Artwork

ElEscaparate, Palencia I October 2022 


Dark Comforts I Fanzine publication 

GrafComic Festival Barcelona I March 2022


Dining in the Urban International Competition I Honorable Mention

Intervention & collective research about the domestic ritual of cooking in Skopje’s public realm 

TU Delf I May 2020


London Festival of Architecture 2020 bench I 1st Prize

Pews & Perches competition I Sept-October 2019 


Steelcase VIII Competition for Students I 1st Prize

Design ideas for a work space that encourages creativity I June 2018 


Exhibition Space Competition I Honorable Mention

ETSAVA I November 2017

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